The Fleur de Lys Foundation is our Charity Arm

Each year part of each member’s yearly oblation is paid into the Foundation and numerous other events are held during the year to aid its finances. All the money, collected by the Foundation, is used in its charitable work and no charges for administration are made. It is staffed solely by volunteers drawn from the Order.

It is administered by a Board of Trustees also drawn from the Order and the present Board consists of:

Trustees of the Fleur-de-Lys Foundation

Chair: Right Noble Dame Comtesse Hermione de Montgomery DGL, GCStJA, BSc(Hons)

Right Noble Chev Jonathan Richard Hastings Sayers KGL, GCStJA, 

Chev  Eric Joh Sarti KL BStJA (Treasurer to the Foundation)

Right Noble Chev Alan Blackstone KGL, GCStJA, FSA Scot

Right Noble Chev Ian Tough JP, KGL, KCStJA, FSA Scot

Noble Chev Guido Matthyns KCL BStJA

The Fleur de Lys Foundation currently supports several charities and details of these charities may be found contained within this menu block.

It is the aim of The Fleur de Lys Foundation to only provide charitable donations to registered charities that can guarantee that this donation will go direct to source and not be used to assist administration costs.