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The Order of the Fleur de Lys is a military non masonic Order of Chivalry founded in 1439 which is open to both men and women.
The Order is very much “value driven” and aims to promulgate better citizenship amongst peoples based upon the ancient Knightly Code. On admission Postulants vow to live by the precepts of Honour, Duty, Truth and Justice in the spirit of the ancient Orders of Chivalry and they are asked to put ‘Honour above Self, Duty above Wealth, Justice above the Law and Truth above All’.

Donation to Halton Haven from the Fleur de Lys Foundation

On the 31st of October 2019 a donation by the Fleur de Lys Foundation of a £ 1000 to Halton Haven has allowed them to provide equipment to support and develop young people’s positive experience within the cancer care hospice.

The donation to Halton Haven was made by the Chester Company of the Fleur de Lys from charitable giving’s and match funded by the Fleur de Lys Charitable Foundation.

The Chester Company Commander Michael Hamilton was joined on a recent visit to the hospice by his 1st Lieutenant Linda Redhead, Company Secretary Jack Gore and Treasurer David Redhead, who all had the opportunity to see first hand the work of the hospice and the difference this grant will make in enhancing the lives of children of parents being cared by the hospice.

They were welcomed by Kevin Matthews (Grants Trust and Gift Aid Manager), Karen Eden (Director of Care and Operational Services) and CEO Viv Culleton in the newly created ‘hub’ a light and airy café suitable for meetings and time outs over an informal tea, coffee or juice and chat. The donation will provide equipment for young persons as a development aid in their coping with parents or family members with cancer.

The group were pleasantly surprised at the hope, joy and laughter and the vibrancy and positivity of staff and the surroundings. They were pleased that their donation will make a contribution to the health and wellbeing of the children and that the ‘haven’ a place of warmth and safety was an apt name for such and uplifting and supportive establishment.

More information about the hospice is available at www.haltonhaven.org.uk and at http://orderofthefleurdelys.org.ukfor the Foundation.

Left to Right, Kevin Matthews HH, Karen Eden HH, Michael Hamilton, David Readhead, Linda Redhead and Jack Gore all representing the Fleur de Lys

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Right Noble. Chev. Guy Fosté-Montgomery KGL, KCStJA Asst. Sovereign Grand Commander

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